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First Hundred Years, The

1 9 5 0 – 1 9 5 2 (USA)

The First Hundred Years was the first television soap opera series from CBS. The daytime soap dealt with the lighter side of being married and starred Jimmy Lydon and Olive Stacey (pictured above) – and later Anne Sargent – as Chris and Connie Thayer, who were newlyweds.

Also appearing regularly on the series were Robert Armstrong and Nana Bryant as Connie’s parents, Mr and Mrs Martin, and Don Tobin and Valerie Cossart as Chris’s parents, Mr and Mrs Thayer.

Nancy Malone played Connie’s kid sister, Margie.

CBS cancelled the show in 1952 and replaced it with the daytime serial The Guiding Light, which aired until 2009.

Chris Thayer
Jimmy Lydon
Connie Martin Thayer
Olive Stacey (1)
Anne Sargent (2)
Mr Martin

Robert Armstrong
Mrs Martin
Nana Bryant
Margie Martin
Nancy Malone
Mr Thayer
Don Tobin
Mrs Thayer
Valerie Cossart