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Five Names for Johnny

1 9 5 7 (UK)
7 x 30 minute episodes

David Haigue (Conrad Phillips) has dreams of death and then awakes to the reassuring comfort of his home and family. The horror has faded with the night. But has it?

What if the dream should cling to his waking hours? What then is the nightmare and what the reality? And what if the reality proves more nightmarish than the dream?

When his son is kidnapped, Haigue must produce a fortune in diamonds and is slowly and inevitably driven to commit the act he feared in his dreams for months – to kill a man he never knew.

This Saturday night ATV series was written by Lewis Greifer and produced and directed by Quentin Lawrence.

David Haigue
Conrad Phillips
Carol Haigue
Patricia Marmont
Peter Haigue
David Langford
Dr Mark Willoughby
Norman Wooland
Inspector Walter Mason
Victor Platt
Detective Constable Bill Wright
Anthony Doonan
John Carrol
Margot Medina
Diana Lambert


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