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Foreign Intrigue (Cross Current)

1 9 5 1 – 1 9 5 5 (USA)
170 x 30 minute episodes

Originally airing as Foreign Intrigue, this NBC drama series starred Jerome Thor as Robert Cannon, a foreign correspondent for Consolidated News who was assigned to post-war Europe. Sydna Scott costarred as Helen Davis.

Episodes related their brushes with espionage – often concerning communists and/or former Nazis.

James Daly took over in the third season as newspaperman Mike Powers – accompanied by Anne Preville as Patricia Bennett – and the title of the show became Overseas Adventure.

The fourth season saw Gerald Mohr take the lead as Christopher Storm – the sleuthing proprietor of Vienna’s most accommodating hostelry with a flair for adventure – and the series title changed again – this time to Cross Current.

The series was largely shot on location in Europe and the characters and plots were well-developed.

Robert Cannon
Jerome Thor
Michael Powers
James Daly
Christopher Storm
Gerald Mohr
Tony Forrest
John Padovano
Helen Davis
Sydna Scott
Patricia Bennett
Anne Preville
Gilbert Robin
John Stark