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George Gobel Show, The

1 9 5 4 – 1 9 6 0 (USA)

Soft-spoken, mild-mannered comedian George Gobel (who became familiarly known as “Lonesome George” to his many fans) starred in this popular weekly half-hour variety/comedy series for six years, debuting on 2 October 1954.

Each week, George opened his show with a monologue and then was seen in sketches that were usually about the problems he was having with his wife, Alice (played by Jeff Donnell originally, and then Phyllis Avery).


When the series moved from NBC to CBS in 1959, the Alice character was dropped altogether.

George Gobel was one of American television’s most successful comedians, and his familiar expressions – “Well, I’ll be a dirty bird” and “We don’t hardly get those no more” – became oft-quoted catchphrases for millions of viewing fans.

When his show was on CBS it alternated with The Jack Benny Show and was aired for only one season in 1959/1960.

Gobel virtually disappeared from the public spotlight when his show came to an end, save for occasional guest appearances on panel shows, and a role in the 1981/82 comedy TV series Harper Valley P.T.A as Mayor Otis Harper.

George Gobel passed away in 1991.