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Golden Spur, The

1 9 5 9 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

This BBC children’s series – set during the Wars of The Roses – aired on Sundays in July and August 1959.

The Golden Spur told the story of young Tom Fenton (Edward Vaughan-Scott) and how he helped King Edward IV (Michael Kilgariff) and Richard of Gloucester (Oliver Reed) win back the crown for England, defeating the villainous Duke of Clarence (Donald Oliver).

Others in the cast included Jill Tracey as the heroine Gillian, John Brooking as Sir Edmund Fenton, Ronald Fraser as Simon Chandler, and Heron Carvic as Philip Fenton.

Scenes from The Battle of Barnet were filmed on Hadley Common near Barnet and the medieval roads on the army manoeuvring grounds near Aldershot provided sequences on the road. The privately owned Maxstoke Castle in Warwickshire was also used for filming.

Tom Fenton
Edward Vaughan-Scott
King Edward IV
Michael Kilgarriff
Richard of Gloucester
Oliver Reed
Jill Tracey
The Earl of Warwick
Alan Judd
The Duke of Clarence
Donald Oliver
Sir Edmund Fenton
John Brooking
Robert Aldous
Terry Baker
Philip Fenton
Heron Carvic
Simon Chandler
Ronald Fraser
Alice Chandler
Mary Miller
Ronald Howe
Alan Mason
Eleanor Fenton
Julie Webb
Queen Elizabeth
Ann Sears