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Greatest Gift, The

1 9 5 4 – 1 9 5 5 (USA)
219 x 15 minute episodes

This early NBC daytime soap centred around Dr Eve Allen (Anne Burr) who moved to Connecticut to take over her uncle’s small-town practice when he passed away.

The original storylines featured her love affair with fellow physician Phil Stone (Philip Foster), her interactions in the lives of her patients and friends, and her struggle to break down the prejudices faced by a woman in the field of medicine.

The series was broadcast live from studios in Philadelphia.

Eve Allen
Anne Burr
Ned Blackman
Ward Costello
Jim Hanson
Jack Klugman
Anne Meara
Peter Blake
Henry Barnard
Sam Blake
Josef Drake
Phil Stone
Philip Foster
Harold Matthews
Will Hare (1)
Martin Balsam (2)
Margaret Heneghan
Betty Matthews
Athena Lorde
Ned Blackman
Eugene Peterson
Helen Warren
Helen Waren