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Grove Family, The

1 9 5 4 – 1 9 5 7 (UK)
220 x 15/20 minute episodes

The Grove Family was the first British television soap opera for adults. It was set in the north London suburb of Hendon and featured three generations of a successful builder’s family who took their name from the BBC’s Lime Grove studios.

The Grove family consisted of Bob the father (Edward Evans), a jolly although sometimes harassed ‘jobbing builder’; Mum Gladys (Ruth Dunning) a warm and forthright housewife; 12-year-old Lenny (Christopher Beeny) who was bright but a fibber; 14-year-old Daphne (Margaret Downs); Pat (Sheila Sweet and then Carole Mowlam), a 20-year old assistant librarian who turned actress; Jack (Peter Bryant), who was doing National Service; and testy old matriarch, Grandma (Nancy Roberts) who was always complaining: “I’m starved for want of nourishment”.

The first episode saw the Groves celebrating their last mortgage payment – a monthly instalment of £13 8s – and the prospect of Bob Grove starting up his own building business. Within a year the BBC was regularly receiving letters asking Bob to quote for building work and Gladys for slimming tips.

Viewers also wrote angry letters to the BBC about the atrociously ungrateful Gran and held their breath when actress Ruth Dunning was rushed to hospital with appendicitis.

The show even had royal patronage. On a visit to the studios, the Queen Mother declared herself a fan, calling the family “so English, so real”.

First and foremost entertainment, it nevertheless contained public service elements (such as the need to secure your house against burglars) as well as reflecting the post-war growth in prosperity.

Then suddenly in June 1957, the series was scrapped after a row between the BBC and the father and son writing team of Roland and Michael Pertwee.

Exhausted from three years of writing, the Pertwees wanted a break and asked instead whether they could oversee the scripts of other writers. The BBC wouldn’t agree to this and hired new writers, but then axed the Groves altogether.

Michael Pertwee later reflected: “The people at the BBC then didn’t have the foresight, the commercial sense, to see what the people making Coronation Street saw – that these series can go through quiet spells but they can survive and last and be important”.

It was a sad end for the Groves. Edward Evans and Ruth Dunning never again achieved such stardom. Only Christopher Beeny prospered, as the accident-prone under-butler in Upstairs Downstairs and the gormless nephew in the funeral parlour comedy In Loving Memory.

All that remains of The Grove Family is a short film. No copies of the series exist.

The show was briefly revived for a one-off episode in 1991 as part of the BBC’s Lime Grove celebrations.

Bob Grove
Edward Evans
Gladys Grove

Ruth Dunning
Pat Grove 

Sheila Sweet (1)
Carole Mowlam (2)
Jack Grove

Peter Bryant
Daphne Grove

Margaret Downs
Lenny Grove

Christopher Beeny

Nancy Roberts