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Hey, Jeannie!

1 9 5 6 – 1 9 5 8 (USA)
32 x 30 minute episodes

Jeannie MacLennan (Jeannie Carson), a cheerful and beautiful Scottish woman, arrives in New York from Dunfermline without a job or knowing anyone.

Cabbie Al Murray (Allen Jenkins) is one of the first people she meets and he agrees to sponsor her, so Jeannie is given the opportunity to experience life in the States.

Jeannie moves in with Al and his sister Liz (Jane Dulo), enchanting everyone with her positive personality.

Jeannie is fascinated by everything she sees and wants to experience every aspect of American life. Al and Liz feel she is a bit over-enthusiastic and must take things one step at a time. She is also prone to burst into song at any provocation.

Stories follow Jeannie as she sets out to find her place in the world and Al and Liz’s efforts to keep a watchful eye on her as her eagerness often leads to misadventure.

Jeannie MacLennan
Jeannie Carson
Al Murray
Allen Jenkins
Liz Murray
Jane Dulo