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Highland Fling

1 9 5 7 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

This short comedy series from Associated-Rediffusion Television starred Richard Hearne (best known for his character, Mr Pastry) who had also written it in, originally in 1939 as a proposed musical for performance in the theatre.

The storyline involved Billy McQuirtle (Hearne), a Scottish castle, an old-fashioned estate agent firm called Nutty, Dime and Wormy, and a millionaire called Augustus Trim (James Hayter).

The ancient Scottish castle was for sale (cheap) and Augustus Trim was interested in buying it – but McQuirtle and his estate agent pals did not want him to buy it. All their efforts to stop the purchase failed so in a last-ditch attempt to put him off, Billy decided to haunt the castle disguised as a ghost.

Other members of the cast included Charles Heslop, Nicolette Roeg, Jean Bayless, David Williams, Charles Lamb, The Barney Gilbraith Singers and Eric Spear and his Orchestra.

Hearne fell over about ten or fifteen times per episode and the tinkly music was inoffensive (though mostly sung out of tune). It would have been an ideal show for children – but it was aired at 9:30 pm and was seriously intended for an adult audience.

Billy McQuirtle
Richard Hearne
Augustus Trim
James Hayter


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