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Hilda Lessways

1 9 5 9 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

This BBC serial based on Clayhanger by Arnold Bennett starred Judi Dench, Brian Smith, Violet Carson, Eileen Atkins, Miranda Connell and William Squire.

The series was broadcast live to air from the BBC’s Midland studio.

Hilda Lessways
Judi Dench
Edwin Clayhanger
Brian Smith
Auntie Hamps
Violet Carson
Maggie Clayhanger
Eileen Atkins
Janet Orgreave
Miranda Connell
George Cannon
William Squire
Sarah Gailey
Nancie Jackson
Darius Clayhanger
Chris Gittins
Mary Chester
Charlie Orgreave
David Webb
Mrs Lessways
Beatrice Varley
Mrs Grant
Alison Bayley
Philip Garston-Jones
Florrie Bagster
Jacqueline Wilson
Mr Karkeek
David Lytton