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Hotel Imperial

1 9 5 8 – 1 9 6 0 (UK)
24 x 30 minute episodes

Associated-Rediffusion lured writer Alan Melville from the BBC for this comedy series built around Austrian musician/comedian Vic Oliver (the son-in-law of Winston Churchill), who played Monsieur Victor, Conductor of the Palm Court Orchestra at this (fictional) world-renowned London hotel, who also narrated the series – ostensibly relating his memoirs to an (unseen) journalist.

Other semi-regular supporting characters included fusspot Manager Mr Hay (Brian Oulton), Assistant Manager Mr Griffiths (Leslie Heritage), Mr Pettigrew the Head Receptionist (Tom Gill), and ancient Head Waiter, Luigi (Gordon Phillott).

Guests at the hotel included Donald Pleasence, Liz Fraser, Wilfrid Brambell, Geoffrey Bayldon, Sam Kydd, musical star Mary Ellis, Bonar Colleano, and the African-American singer Elisabeth Welch.

The series debuted on 18 March 1958 and ran until June, screening on Tuesday nights at 10:15 pm. The second series aired between 4 January and 25 March 1960.

Monsieur Victor
Vic Oliver
Mr Hay
Brian Oulton
Mr Griffiths
Leslie Heritage
Mr Pettigrew
Tom Gill
Luigi, Head Waiter
Gordon Phillott
Ian MacNaughton
Kate Brett
Joan Benham
Vincent Charles


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