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The ‘Interlude’ was a common sight in the 1950s on British television. The films were made to cover for the many intervals in programming, to allow for changes between studios, or for the frequent studio breakdowns.

The interlude films were made at a time before commercial broadcasting came along to provide an alternative. They tended to show a nostalgic view of British life.

The films were mildly engaging, but not so much that the viewer would miss anything if they looked away.

There were fourteen of them, with some of the favourites being the potter’s wheel (we never saw the finished pot – apparently, it was scrapped when filming stopped), the speeded-up train journey, a rough sea crashing on rocks, ploughing a field with a team of horses, a windmill turning, the spinning wheel, and a kitten and its ball of wool. (The kitten was actually called Snowy and he was owned by a Mr Martin of Barnet).