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1 9 5 3 – 1 9 5 4 (USA)
23 x 30 minute episodes

11-year-old Jamie (Brandon De Wilde) is an orphan who is shuttled from one uncaring home to another.

He finally ends up in the home of his Aunt Laurie (Polly Rowles) and her daughter, Liz (Kathleen Nolan) where he meets kindred spirit Grandpa Frank (Ernest Truex) who is ignored by everyone. The two of them become best friends and share many adventures.

Grandpa Frank owns Dimmer’s Drugstore and Aunt Laurie owns a catering business with her friend Annie (Alice Pearce).

Jamie receives an allowance of 50 cents a week and earns extra money as a bicycle delivery boy for Briggs Hardware Store.

This ABC series debuted on 28 September 1953. The final episode aired on 4 October 1954 after the network cancelled the series two episodes into the second season because of a dispute with the sponsor.

Jamieson (Jamie) John Francis McHummer
Brandon De Wilde
Aunt Laurie
Polly Rowles
Grandpa Frank Dimmer
Ernest Truex
Cousin Liz
Kathleen Nolan
Annie Moakum
Alice Pearce