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Judge Roy Bean

1 9 5 5 – 1 9 5 6 (USA)
39 x 30 minute episodes

“During the 1870s the wildest spot in the United States was the desolate region west of the Pecos River. Virtually beyond the reach of the authorities, the railroads then pushing their way west attracted the most vicious characters in the country. It was said that all civilisation and law stopped at the East Bank of the Pecos. It took one man, a lone storekeeper who was sick of the lawlessness, to change all this – his name was Judge Roy Bean.”

This Western series is set in the Texas town of Langtry where storekeeper Roy Bean (Edgar Buchanan) becomes tired of the lawlessness in the town and sets himself up as a judge and also the town’s sheriff.

Roy is a bit on the heavy side, nearsighted without his glasses, and older than the typical Wild West lawman. He is not quick on the draw and he does not carry a fancy gun.

He does, however, possess a genius for figuring out the criminal mind and conning the con man.

While the judge does take an active part in apprehending outlaws, he leaves the rough work to his deputy, Jeff Taggert (Jack Beutel), a young man who is fast on the draw and quick with his fists.

Assisting Roy in the store is his niece, Letty Bean (Jackie Loughery), who came to live with him after the death of her parents. She is beautiful, extremely feminine and dynamite with a gun – which she wears strapped to her ankle and concealed under her dress.

All episodes were filmed in colour but most were originally broadcast in black & white as local TV stations did not yet have colour broadcasting capabilities.

Judge Roy Bean
Edgar Buchanan
Jeff Taggert
Jack Beutel
Letty Bean
Jackie Loughery
Ranger Steve 
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