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Kitty Foyle

1 9 5 8 (USA)
123 x 30 minute episodes

The dramatic story of Kitty Foyle, a middle-class white-collar teenage girl “just discovering life.”

Kitty Foyle had been a radio serial for 16 years – based on the 1939 novel by Christopher Morley – before NBC brought it to the small screen as a “live to air” weekday daytime serial in January 1958.

A movie version had also been produced in 1940 starring Ginger Rogers, who won an Oscar for her role.

Whereas the original literary heroine had spunk and spirit and wonderful wit, the Kitty of the TV show – as played by Kathleen Murray – was a thoroughly sweet and wholesome fudge sundae kind of girl.

Her father, Pop Foyle (Ralph Dunne) was a querulous old codger given to complaining in an Irish brogue as thick as 3rd Avenue that his son (Ed) had “brought me nothing but pain and grief”.

Kitty Foyle
Kathleen Murray
Edward Foyle
Bob Hastings
Pop Foyle
Ralph Dunne
Molly Scharf
Judy Lewis
Molly Scharf as a girl
Patty Duke
Wyn Strafford
Billy Redfield
Oliva Strafford
Valerie Cossart
Jan Merlin
Rosie Rittenhouse
Les Damon
Stacy Lee Balla
Marie Worsham
Ma Balla
Casey Allen
Mac Foyle
Lany Robinson
Sophie Foyle
Kay Medford
Mae Barnes
Carter Hamilton
Martin Newman
Joe Gaines
Arnold Robinson
Flip Martin
Conrad Fowkes
George Harvey
Karl Webber