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Leave It to Larry

1 9 5 2 (USA)
11 x 30 minute episodes

This short-lived CBS comedy series was broadcast live and featured Larry Tucker (Eddie Albert) – a young man bringing up children Stevie (Glenn Walken) and Harriet (Lydia Schaeffer) with his wife Amy (Betty Kean).

As well as living with his father-in-law, Mr Koppel (Ed Begley), bumbling but good-natured Larry worked as a clerk in his shoe store.

This “togetherness” made life hectic for all involved.

The series was trashed in the ratings, and just before Christmas 1952 Leave It To Larry was cancelled.

Larry Tucker
Eddie Albert
Amy Tucker
Betty Kean
Mr Koppel
Ed Begley
Steve Tucker
Glenn Walken
Harriet Tucker
Lydia Schaeffer