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Leave It To Papa

1 9 5 0 (USA)

Leave It to Papa told the tale of the Lombardi family in a manner much like The Goldbergs, only with a lot less polish.

One of their sons was abandoned by his birth mother and taken in and raised by the Lombardis.

This short-lived half-hour sitcom from WPIX starred Bill Edmunds (pictured at left) as Papa, Aristide Sigismundi, Carlotta Sherwood, Augusta Ciolli, Frank Puglia, Mabel Tagliaferro, and 23-year-old Peter Fernandez.

Fernandez was making $30 an episode. At the time, unemployment was $35, so Fernandez asked for a raise but was turned down.

He asked to be released from the show, albeit briefly and was replaced in the role of the son by Richard Seff.

After his unemployment ran out, Fernandez asked for his job back and got it. He stayed for the rest of the show’s brief run.