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Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, The

1 9 5 5 – 1 9 6 1 (USA)

Broadly based on fact, this series followed Wyatt Earp’s career and catalogued his encounters with the famous outlaws of the Wild West.

It began with the murder of his friend, Marshal Whitney, and Earp agreeing to take on his badge in Ellsworth, Kansas.

The rugged lawman later moved to Dodge City, where he confronted the infamous Doc Holliday and was assisted by his deputy, Bat Masterson.

The mayor, Jim ‘Dog’ Kelly, was also a friend, and Earp’s brothers Virgil and Morgan appeared now and again (but not Matt Dillon who, according to Gunsmoke, was also Marshal of Dodge City at exactly the same time).

In his last posting, Earp took over as Marshal of Tombstone, Arizona, meeting some of his most fearsome adversaries, the Clanton ‘Ten Percent Gang’.

With the Tombstone sheriff Johnny Behan in the pocket of Old Man Clanton, Earp was forced to call up frontiersman Shotgun Gibbs, a friend from Dodge City, to be his new deputy.

Doc Holliday also showed up, and the series came to a conclusion with the celebrated ‘Gunfight at the OK Corral’.

Nellie Cashman, owner of the Birdcage Saloon, was Earp’s romantic attachment, and throughout the series, Earp’s trademark was a pair of “Buntline Special” pistols with extended barrels.

They allowed him to shoot his enemies from a long distance – very useful when dealing with such a bad crowd.

Wyatt Earp
Hugh O’Brian
Bat Masterson

Mason Alan Dinehart III
Ben Thompson

Denver Pyle
Abbie Crandall

Gloria Talbot
Doc Fabrique

Douglas Fowley
Marsh Murdock

Don Haggerty
Jim ‘Dog’ Kelly

Paul Brinegar (1)
Ralph Sanford (2)
Doc Holliday

Douglas Fowley (1)
Myron Healey (2)
Shotgun Gibbs

Morgan Woodward
Morgan Earp

Dirk London
Virgil Earp

John Anderson
Nellie Cashman

Randy Stuart
Old Man Clanton

Trevor Bardette
Sheriff John Behan

Lash La Rue (1)
Steve Brodie (2)
Doc Goodfellow

Damian O’Flynn