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Life With The Lyons

1 9 5 5 – 1 9 6 1 (UK)
40 x 30 minute episodes

Life with the Lyons was first heard on BBC radio on 5 November 1950. Written by popular American actress Bebe Daniels, the series starred Bebe and her real-life family; husband Ben Lyon and their children Richard and Barbara, who were all living in post-War London.


The Lyons endeared themselves to the British public by choosing to stay on in the UK during the war years to make Hi Gang – which continued on-air throughout the Blitz – instead of fleeing back to the USA.

The radio version of Life with the Lyons became a BBC television sitcom in 1955 (it also transferred to the West End stage, and became a feature film). After two series on the BBC, the television version transferred to ITV in 1957 but continued on BBC radio until 1961.

Assisting the Lyons in the TV show was their Scottish housekeeper, Aggie (Molly Weir), and Florrie (Doris Rogers) was their nosey neighbour. Their dog was called Skeeter.

Ben Lyon
Bebe Daniels Lyon
Barbara Lyon

Richard Lyon
Agnes ‘Aggie’ MacDonald

Molly Weir
Florrie Wainwright

Doris Rogers
Mr Wimple
Horace Percival
Mr Hemmingway

Hugh Morton
Slim Cassidy

Arthur Hill
Mrs Wilhelmina Wimple

Gwen Lewis
Violet Hemmingway

Belinda Lee