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Life With Buster Keaton

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Legendary silent film star Buster Keaton attempted to bring his comedy to television in the early 1950s, first in a live and local variety series in Los Angeles, and then in this nationally syndicated filmed sitcom.

Neither show was very successful, but both used the same cast. Peter Leeds played Mr Sharkey, Buster’s boss, and Donna Gibson played the boss’ daughter, Mabel.

The filmed sitcom episodes took place in the Hollywood Sporting Goods store. This venue allowed Buster a lot of “alone time” on camera to do his thing.

Buster was, of course, the bumbling employee, almost getting fired from his job each and every week. He was not only clumsy but also lazy. He’d often be caught goofing off in the back room, listening to the radio, reading, napping, daydreaming, or playing with the sporting goods.

The pressures of coming up with funny visual material every week became very taxing for Keaton, and he bowed out of the show before its run was completed.

Buster (BK)
Buster Keaton
Mr Sharkey
Peter Leeds
Mabel Sharkey
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