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Life With Snarky Parker

1 9 5 0 (USA)
15 minute episodes

The marionettes of puppeteers Bil and Cora Baird performed in this CBS saga of life in the Old West.

Snarky Parker was the deputy sheriff of the town of Hot Rock. He was in love with the local schoolteacher, Miss Butterball; rode a horse named Heathcliffe; and fought with local villains Ronald Rodent and Blackie McGoo.

Other characters seen regularly in the series (which was broadcast live to air) were Slugger, the piano player in the Bent Elbow Saloon; Paw, the father of Butterball; sultry siren Cuda Barra, Noose Noland and Fluffy Webster.

Yul Brynner, later more successful as a performer, was the producer and director of this show.

After leaving evening hours in August, it remained on the air for another month as a late-afternoon weekday entry.

Bil Baird
Cora Baird