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Little Round House, The

1 9 5 5 (UK)
7 x 15 minute episodes

The adventures of a small boy, Robin (Michael Briant), and his strange friends who live in a pillar box with Mr Papingay (Toke Townley).

A seven-part sequel – Mr Papingay’s Ship – aired in 1956 with young Robin reuniting with his friends at the seaside.

Charles Rea narrated once more and most of the main characters returned from The Little Round House.

Michael E. Briant
Charles Rea
Mr Papingay
Toke Townley
The Fat Boy
Robert Bardwell
Aunt Boffin
Patience Collier
George Howell
The Lodger
Michael Hitchman
Mrs Tupp
Vi Stevens
The Home-made Fairy
Jocelyn Britton
The Little Girl
Catherine George
The Farmer
Jack Howard
The Pedlar
Dennis Quilling
June Kirkham