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Lucky Dip

1 9 5 8 – 1 9 5 9 (UK)

Neville Whiting was joined by Muriel Young and guitarist Bert Weedon as hosts of this kid’s TV series from Associated-Rediffusion which aired at 5.00 pm on Tuesday afternoons.

The show was set on a children’s newspaper and combined music, sport and adventure.

A regular item was “Happy Cooking” with Fanny and Johnny Cradock. Sometimes their cooking seemed anything but happy as Johnny – a jolly gent in a monocle who always gave the impression that he’d had a drop too much cooking sherry – was bullied around the kitchen by Fanbnby.

Lucky Dip eventually evolved into Tuesday Rendezvous (1961 – 1962), where Young and Weedon were joined by Howard Williams and, eventually, Wally Whyton, which changed again two years later to The Five o Clock Club.

Neville Whiting
Muriel Young
Bert Weedon