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Major Dell Conway of the Flying Tigers

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The Flying Tigers is a volunteer American fighter squadron based in China during World War II.

Major Dell Conway (Eric Fleming) is the head of the Third Pursuit Squadron, one of three such units that are part of General Clare  Chennault’s Gallant Fighters (“Foo-hoo” in Chinese; “Flying Tigers” in English).

While the Flying Tigers is a military outfit, it is made up of volunteers who are only out to make money.

Discipline is easy, and their mission is to help the Chinese overcome the invading Japanese. Pilots get $500 for each Japanese Zero they shoot down (when a Japanese squadron is spotted, it is typical to hear “Money, money, the joint’s jumpin’ with Zeros”).

Members of Dell’s squadron are Cashbox Potter (Sandy Kenyon), Dick Rossi (Carl Shanzer), Joe Suie (Warren Nsien) and Catfish (Eddie Luke).

The squad’s planes (P-40s) are called Sharks (the face of a shark is painted on the nose). Their base is called ‘Firehouse’; Dell’s air code is “Fire Chief”; Rossi’s is “Arson One”; Cashbox’s is “Arson Two”.

The backs of the pilots’ jackets are marked with the Chinese flag.

Squadron Leader Major Dell Conway
Eric Fleming
Cashbox Potter
Sandy Kenyon
Dick Rossi
Carl Shanzer
Joe Suie
Warren Nsien
Eddie Luke