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Man from Blackhawk, The

1 9 5 9 – 1 9 6 0 (USA)
37 x 30 minute episodes

This Friday night adventure series from ABC starred Robert Rockwell (Our Miss Brooks) as hard-hitting, gun-toting, girl-chasing insurance investigator Sam Logan of the Blackhawk Insurance Company of Chicago in the old west of the late 19th century.

The character of Logan started out as a family man with a wife and two children, but the original concept was changed to allow Logan to have private-eye-style fun with the customary assortment of beautiful young ladies.

The show was also originally conceived as a modern show (and bore the working title City Fraud) when it was initiated in 1952, but the original writer of the show discovered the history of insurance while thumbing through some magazines in a dentist’s office.

As the insurance investigator, Logan arrived on the scene after the crime had been committed, so all crimes were seen in flashback, with murder de-emphasised in favour of other crimes like robbery, forgery and arson.

Sam Logan
Robert Rockwell