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Man Who Was Two, The

1 9 5 7 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

This six-part mystery serial from ABC revolved around a man suffering from amnesia (Ronald Howard) trying to unravel the truth behind his past.

The man is repatriated by the Russians as a refugee, but Willi Bloch (Maxwell Shaw) threatens to expose his true identity.

Is he really innocent antique dealer David Metcalf, or is he David Raglaw, a thief and a murderer?

The first drama production produced at ABC’s Birmingham studios, The Man Who Was Two debuted on Saturday 26 January 1957 at 8 pm.

The Man (David Metcalf)
Ronald Howard
John Fairburn
William Devlin
Willi Bloch
Maxwell Shaw
Ann Gascoigne
Jennifer Browne
Hotel Manager
Denis Shaw
Raymond Adamson
Tailor’s Cutter
Billy Milton
Brigadier Dickerson
Allan Cuthbertson
Roger Gage
Mrs Mitcham
Joyce Worsley
General Sir George Nugent
Ronald Adam
Warren Mitchell
Lieutenant Naismith
Morris Perry
John Quarmby
Secretary of State
Patrick Waddington


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