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Marge and Jeff

1 9 5 3 (USA)

This live nightly 15-minute sitcom from the DuMont Television Network featured Marge Greene (who also wrote the episodes) and Jess Cain as newlyweds Marge and Jeff who were getting through life together in their New York City apartment. Also seen on occasion was their cocker spaniel Paisley.

Marge’s maiden name on the show was McCaffrey. Jeff was rarely seen without his pipe and black horn-rimmed glasses. Jeff’s boss was always referred to as E.W.

The show benefited from its lead-in, Captain Video and His Video Rangerswhich was one of DuMont’s few success stories, and having the show as a lead-in garnered great ratings for Marge and Jeff.

Marge Greene
Jess Cain