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Marshal of Gunsight Pass, The

1 9 5 0 (USA)
32 x 25 minute episodes

This western series from ABC (based on the radio series of the same title) was broadcast live to air and ran from 2 February to 14 October 1950 (with a break of a month in May of that year)

The series revolved around a Marshal (played by Russell ‘Lucky’ Hayden, Eddie Dean, Smith Ballew and Riley Hill in succession), his deputy (stuttering comedian Roscoe Ates) – who was also the keeper of the general store – and their efforts to maintain law and order in the town of Gunsight Pass.

The popular western singing group Sons of The Pioneers (and later, The Plainsmen) also starred.

Filming took place at ABC in Stage 2 – the former giant Vitagraph Studios, and the largest studio in the world at the time – with a permanent set including stores, banks, a saloon, the main street and a giant backdrop for coloured rear-screen projection (called “Teleparencies”), which was used for many of the ‘outdoor’ scenes.

Russell “Lucky” Hayden (1)
Eddie Dean (2)
Smith Ballew (3)
Riley Hill (4)
Deputy Roscoe
Roscoe Ates
Sons of The Pioneers
The Plainsmen