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Meet Millie

1 9 5 2 – 1 9 5 6 (USA)
124 x 30 minute episodes

Millie Bronson (Elena Verdugo) is a beautiful 21-year-old single girl who lives with her good-hearted widowed Mama, Bertha (Florence Halop) in Jackson Heights, Queens. Bertha is 48 years old but tells everyone she is 37.

The Bronson’s friend Alfred Prinzmetal (Marvin Kaplan), an unemployed aspiring poet, drops by to visit regularly. Bertha says, “Alfred’s job is standing in line at the unemployment office”. Alfred can’t get along with his parents, especially his father, and he has a parrot named Irving. He hopes one day to build up the courage to leave home and find his own apartment.

Millie works as a secretary in Manhattan to J.R. Boone Sr. (Roland Winters) and casually dates his son Johnny Jr. (Ross Ford).

In the final season, Millie and Mama spend time as ranch hands on the EK Weems Cattle Ranch in Texas.

Announcer Bob Lamond opens the show: “Live from Television City in Hollywood, Arrid Cream Deodorant, America’s largest selling deodorant, presents Meet Millie. Created by Frank Gallen. Starring Florence Halop as Mama, Marvin Kaplan as Alfred and Elena Verdugo as Millie. A gay comedy about the life and loves of a Manhattan secretary.”

The CBS series debuted on 25 October 1952 and was broadcast live to air. The show was based on a successful radio series of the same name which aired between July 1951 and September 1954. The series closed on 28 February 1956.

Millie Bronson
Elena Verdugo
Mama (Bertha Bronson)
Florence Halop
Alfred Prinzmetal
Marvin Kaplan
J.R. ‘Johnny’ Boone Jr.
Ross Ford
J.R. Boone Sr.
Roland Winters
Mrs Boone
Isabel Randolph
Bob Lamond