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Mick and Montmorency (Jobstoppers)

1 9 5 5 (UK)

Charlie Drake and Jack Edwardes starred in this series of 15-minute comedy programmes for kids on ITV.


Every week the slap-happy pair tried their hands at different jobs – from removal men to scientists – and each week the show began with “Hello, my darlin’s!” and concluded with the cry of “It’s teeee-time!”

Within weeks, Drake had created two new national catch-phrases, among the young viewers at any rate.

A number of episodes were broadcast under the title Jobstoppers.

TV Fun, the small screen’s answer to Radio Fun, also starred them in a full-page comic strip drawn by the comic’s best cartoonist, Reg Parlett.

Drake and Edwardes originally met whilst serving in the RAF but didn’t consider teaming up until years later when they both failed the same Windmill Theatre audition.

Charlie Drake
Jack Edwardes