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Mr Adams and Eve

1 9 5 7 – 1 9 5 8 (USA)
66 x 30 minute episodes

This black and white CBS comedy debuted on 4 January 1957 and ran until 23 September 1958 and featured real-life husband and wife Ida Lupino and Howard Duff as married movie stars, Eve Drake and Howard Adams.

Eve, born of a show business family, was full of drama off-screen as well as on, while Howard – a native of Seattle – was a down-to-earth guy who patiently indulged his wife’s excesses. Plots concerned their adventures in filmland.

Eve and Howard were under contract to Consolidated Pictures, a studio whose boss was J.B. Hafter (Alan Reed). Pragmatic J.B.’s primary motivation was to make profitable movies with titles like Secret Love.

He reminded Eve and Howard that their pictures had to “sound exciting enough to make little old ladies in Iowa go to the movies instead of staying home to play Scrabble while watching television”.

Elsie (Olive Carey) was their plain-spoken, down-to-earth housekeeper of twelve years’, while Steve (Hayden Rorke) was their friend and longtime agent.

Eve Drake
Ida Lupino
Howard Adams

Howard Duff

Hayden Rorke
Connie Drake
Lee Patrick

Olive Carey
J B Hafter

Alan Reed