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Mr Peepers

1 9 5 2 – 1 9 5 5 (USA)

Debuting on NBC on 3 July 1952 as a summer replacement series, Mr Peepers proved that not all television comedy, even in the immediate wake of Lucille Ball, had to be madcap and slapstick.

Peepers, played in fine form by Wally Cox, was a shy, ineffectual science teacher at Jefferson City Junior High, and what a later generation would call ‘wimpy’. But in his quiet, reserved and whimsical manner, he always managed to come out on top of situations.

Even though he was not always quite in control of all situations, he was always a man of dignity.

And he even wound up marrying his equally shy, plain-Jane sweetheart in the show, Nancy Remington (Pat Benoit).

Brash Harvey Weskitt was played by Tony Randall, and the delightful character actor Marion Lorne – a female Hugh Herbert if ever there was one – played confused English teacher Mrs Gurney. Ernest Treux played Nancy’s father.

The scripts, as well as the performances, were very sensitive. The show ended on 12 June 1955.

Mr Robinson Peepers
Wally Cox
Nancy Remington

Pat Benoit
Harvey Weskitt

Tony Randall
Mrs Gurney

Marion Lorne
Mr Remington

Ernest Treux
Rayola Dean

Norma Crane
Charlie Burr

David Tyrell
Mr Gabriel Gurney

Joseph Foley
Superintendent Bascom

Gage Clark
Marge Weskit

Georgann Johnson
Mr Hansen

Arthur O’Connell
Mrs Remington

Sylvia Field
Frank Whip

Jack Warden
Mom Peepers

Ruth McDevitt
Agnes Peepers

Jenny Egan
Aunt Lil

Reta Shaw