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My Favorite Husband

1 9 5 3 – 1 9 5 7 (USA)
96 x 30 minute episodes

Successful bank executive George Cooper (Barry Nelson) lives in an exclusive neighbourhood with his dim-wit wife Liz (Joan Caulfield until October 1953 then Vanessa Brown).

The neighbours for the first two seasons were the Cobbs, a snobbish family. They were replaced in the third season by the Shephards who were less snobbish.

The series premiered on CBS on 19 September 1953 and ended on 8 September 1957.

George Cooper
Barry Nelson
Liz Cooper
Joan Caulfield (1)
Vanessa Brown (2)
Myra Cobb
Alix Talton
Gilmore Cobb
Bob Sweeney