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My Friend Irma

1 9 5 2 – 1 9 5 4 (USA)
5 x 30 minute episodes

Irma Peterson (Marie Wilson) was television’s original lovable and curvy dumb blonde.

Irma was a secretary and lived with a level-headed roommate, Jane Stacy (Cathy Lewis), in a run-down Manhattan apartment run by Mrs O’Reilly (Gloria Gordon).

Their neighbour was nutty Professor Kropotkin (Sig Arno). Jane’s boss and boyfriend was millionaire Richard Rhinelander III (Brooks West).

During the second season, Jane Stacy moved to Panama and Kay Foster (Mary Shipp) moved in. Irma’s 7-year-old nephew Bobby (Richard Eyer) also moved in.

Irma also acquired a new boyfriend, Joe Vance (Hal March), and a new neighbour, Mr Corday (John Carradine), an actor.

The series debuted on CBS on 8 January 1952 and completed two seasons, ending on 26 June 1954.

Irma Peterson
Marie Wilson
Jane Stacy
Cathy Lewis
Mrs O’Reilly
Gloria Gordon
Richard Rhinelander III
Brooks West
Prof. Kropotkin
Sig Arno
Kay Foster
Mary Shipp
Richard Eyer
Joe Vance
Hal March
Mr Corday
John Carradine
Milton J. Clyde
Donald MacBride
Brad Jackson
Gerald Mohr
Sid Tomack
Thomas Barrington Sr
Lloyd Corrigan
Thomas Barrington Jr
Peter Adams
Mrs Rhinelander
Margaret Dumont