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My Son, Jeep

1 9 5 3 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

My Son, Jeep had a brief run on NBC and also on NBC radio (with a slightly different cast). Common to both were Leona Powers as Mrs Bixby, the sassy housekeeper, and Martin Huston as the unpredictable 10-year-old rascal, Jeffrey ‘Jeep’ Allison.

The nickname ‘Jeep’ came about during a parade. Jeffrey was infatuated with a Jeep in the parade and afterwards, for the rest of that day, he pretended to be a Jeep.

‘Jeep’ had a sister named Peggy (Betty Lou Keim on TV, Joan Laser on the radio), who preferred to be called Margaret because she thought it sounded more grown-up. She was 13 going on 30.

Their father, Dr Robert Allison (Jeffrey Lynn on TV, Donald Cook on the radio), was a widower who had the responsibility of being both mother and father to his kids.

The series was set in the (fictional) small town of Grove Falls, where Dr Allison’s offices were part of the house.

The good doctor served as the narrator, setting up and closing each episode.

Barbara Miller (Anne Sargent on TV, Lynn Allen on the radio) was initially Jeep’s substitute teacher but Jeep and the rest of the family became fond of her so quickly that the Doctor asked her to be his secretary, and she soon became his romantic interest also.

Jeep’s best friend and partner in crime was nicknamed ‘Boots’ and was played by Richard Wigginton.

Jeffrey ‘Jeep’ Allison
Martin Huston
Peggy Allison
Betty Lou Keim
Dr Robert Allison
Jeffrey Lynn
Mrs Bixby
Leona Powers
Barbara Miller
Anne Sargent
Richard Wigginton