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Offshore Island, The (1959)

1 9 5 9 (UK)
1 x 90 minute episode

This gloomy (but highly acclaimed) view of the future was produced by BBC television as a stand-alone 90-minute drama starring the film actress Ann Todd.

The televised play was written by Marganhita Laski and was set in the near future when a largely uninhabitable Britain (tainted by radioactivity) maintained a small area of population, itself interpreted as a threat to prevailing international stability by competing world powers.

Given recent events in the nuclear power industry a the time of broadcast, not to mention the abundant sabre-rattling in the world, the play was almost prophetic.

Rachel Verney
Ann Todd
Captain Charles
Phil Brown
Robert Brown
Captain Baltinsky
George Pravda
James Verney
Tim Seely
Mary Verney
Diane Clare
Sergeant Bayford
George Margo
Dan Jackson
John Bloomfield
Jerry Green