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Oh! Susanna (The Gale Storm Show)

1 9 5 6 – 1 9 6 0 (USA)
126 x 30 minute episodes

Gale Storm (previously seen in the titular role in My Little Margie) starred as Susanna Pomeroy, the frenetic and predicament-prone social director of the luxury cruise ship SS Ocean Queen which is owned by the Reardon Steamship Lines and sails between Southampton in England and New York.

Her foils were Miss Elvira Nugent (‘Nugie’, the ship’s beauty parlour matron, played by Zasu Pitts) and the blustery Captain Huxley (Roy Roberts, pictured below).

Also adding to the Captain’s frustration was Cedric the British steward, an impish little fellow played by Jimmy Fairfax, who had a talent for getting into trouble.

Susanna teaches dance lessons and deck tennis. She also arranges shuffleboard and bridge matches and does whatever is necessary to keep passengers occupied and happy.

Susanna and Nugey look forward to each cruise as a means of meeting men. They also involve themselves in passengers’ problems and inevitably cause problems by trying to solve them (the basic format of the series).

Nugey shares a cabin with Susanna. She is rather timid and shy and innocently becomes involved in Susanna’s misadventures.

The name of the series was changed from Oh! Susanna to The Gale Storm Show shortly after its premiere.

Susanna Pomeroy 
Gale Storm
Elvira Nugent 

Zasu Pitts
Capt. Simon P. Huxley 

Roy Roberts
Cedric, the Steward
James Fairfax
Miss McIntyre 

Lillian Culver
Bess Pomeroy 

Eleanor Audley

Nancy Kulp
Mr Henderson 

Liam Sullivan

Maurice Marsac

Paul Picerni

Joe Cranston