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One Man’s Family

1 9 4 9 – 1 9 5 5 (USA)

NBC’s One Man’s Family was the very first continuing TV serial.

Created by Carlton E. Morse and screening in 15-minute and 30-minute versions from 4 November 1949 to 1 April 1955, the series starred Bert Lytell, Marjorie Gateson and a young Eva Marie Saint.

The show told of the fashionable life of stockbroker Henry Barbour (Lytell), his wife Frances – who was called “Fanny” (Gateson), and children – Eldest son Paul (Russell Thorson); 28-year-old Hazel (Lillian Schaaf); twins Claudia (Eva Marie Saint) and Cliff (Bill Idelson) who were students at Stanford University; and 10-year-old Jack (Martin Dean).

The family lived in the swanky Sea Cliff section of Bay City in California.

The series was sponsored by Sweetheart Soap (a commodity which gave rise to the term ‘soap opera’) and had its origins based on a successful radio formula.

Henry Barbour
Bert Lytell
Frances “Fanny” Barbour
Marjorie Gateson
Paul Barbour
Russell Thorson
Hazel Barbour
Lillian Schaaf
Claudia Barbour
Eva Marie Saint
Cliff Barbour
Bill Idelson
Jack Barbour
Martin Dean