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Operation Neptune

1 9 5 3 (USA)
8 x 30 minute episodes

This short-lived live science fiction programme from NBC was aimed at kids and broadcast from 8 June 1953 to 16 August 1953.

Bill Hollister (Tod Griffin) was the commander of a US Navy submarine whose extensive undersea work had earned him the nickname of “Captain Neptune”.

Serialised stories, set in the undersea kingdom of Nadiria, related Bill’s attempts to stop the evil Kabeda (Harold Conklin) from a power-mad plan to control the world by killing the surface population.

Other regulars were Bill’s assistant, Dink Saunders (Richard Holland); his superior, Admiral Bigelow (Rusty Lane); Thirza (Margaret Stewart), the Empress of Nadiria; and Mersennus (Dehl Berti), Kabeda’s henchman.

Commander Bill Hollister
Tod Griffin
Dink Saunders
Richard Holland
Harold Conklin
Dehl Berti
Admiral Bigelow
Rusty Lane
Margaret Stewart
Humphrey Davis