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Professional Father

1 9 5 5 (USA)
18 x 30 minute episodes

This whimsical situation comedy from CBS featured successful child psychologist Dr Thomas Wilson (Steve Dunne) and his family.

At the office, he spoke with the wisdom of Solomon as he resolved family problems that were causing aggravation and suffering to the many parents who sought his services.

At home, however, it was a completely different story. All the good judgment and analytical skills that had made him so proficient at his profession deserted him when he tried to cope with his own family, wife Helen (Barbara Billingsley) and children Kathryn (Beverly Washburn) and Thomas, Jr (Ted Marc).

Kathryn – called “Kit” by Helen and “Kitten” by Thomas – had a tendency to trip over things while Thomas, Jr – called “Twig” – was a member of the Beavers baseball team. Both children attended Sweeter Elementary School.

Thomas enjoyed fly fishing at the lake and when he was faced with a troubled boy at work, he would give him a broken clock to fix (he had a cupboard full of clocks and used them as a form of therapy).

Nora (Ann O’Neal) was the Wilson’s housekeeper; Fred (Joseph Kearns) and Madge (Phyllis Coates) were their neighbours, and Mr Briggs (Arthur Q. Bryan) was their handyman.

The short-lived series premiered on 8 January 1955 but was off the air on 2 July.

Dr Thomas Wilson
Steve Dunne
Helen Wilson
Barbara Billingsley
Thomas “Twig” Wilson
Ted Marc
Kathryn “Kit” Wilson
Beverly Washburn
Nurse Madge Allen
Phyllis Coates
Fred Allen
Joseph Kearns
Ann O’Neal
Mr Briggs
Arthur Q. Bryan