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Range Rider, The

1 9 5 1 – 1 9 5 2 (USA)
76 x 25 minute episodes

The Range Rider featured muscular ex-stuntman Jock Mahoney as a mysterious, honest and tough fighter for good on the American frontier of the 1860s.

His teenage sidekick Dick West was played by Dick Jones who, in real life, was only eight years younger than Mahoney.

Dressed in a fringed buckskin shirt and a white Stetson, the Range Rider wore no boots, only Indian moccasins. His horse was called Rawhide.

Dick, sporting a dark military-style shirt and a black hat, rode a steed called Lucy.

Together they drifted across the Wild West, putting outlaws in their place, rescuing helpless civilians and assisting the forces of law and order in their own unconventional way.

Two of the most athletic cowboys around, rarely did they resist the opportunity to leap from their horses, rope in the criminals and perform whatever heroic feat was required.

Simple plots and non-stop hard ridin’ action, all introduced by the famed Home On The Range theme, equalled 50s kiddie audience popularity.

The Range Rider
Jock Mahoney
Dick West
Dick Jones