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Richard Diamond, Private Detective

1 9 5 7 – 1 9 6 0 (USA)
77 x 30 minute episodes

Richard Diamond was a suave private eye who, at first, walked the mean streets of New York as a cop, then later turned in his badge. His familiarity with the force and his friends on it – most notably Lt. McGough (Regis Toomey) – gave him access to information and help not normally afforded private detectives.


In February 1959 he packed up to move to Los Angeles, where he tooled around in a convertible with a car phone and acquired a semi-regular girlfriend in Karen Wells (Barbara Bain).

His sexy sultry-voiced answering service girl, Sam (initially Mary Tyler Moore) – whose face was never seen – minded the phone while Diamond solved his cases.

Although Diamond had a friend on the LAPD in Lt. Kile (Russ Conway), he also had to deal with Sgt. Alden (Richard Devon), who was out to get him.

The series was created by future Pink Panther director Blake Edwards and had been a very popular 1950s radio show, starring Dick Powell as the titular sleuth.

When Powell was approached to do the TV series he felt he was too old but recommended a young actor named David Janssen.

Richard Diamond
David Janssen
Mary Tyler Moore (1)
Roxanne Brooks (2)
Lt. McGough
Regis Toomey
Lt. Pete Kile
Russ Conway
Karen Wells
Barbara Bain
Sgt. Alden
Richard Devon