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Rocky Jones, Space Ranger

1 9 5 4 (USA)
39 x 25 minute episodes

Space Ranger Rocky Jones (Richard Crane) – a bona fide square-jawed hero and all-round good guy – pootled around space as an emissary of the United Worlds, with his crew: faithful co-pilot Winky (Scotty Beckett); beautiful blonde navigator Vena (Sally Mansfield in the shortest of dresses); scientist Professor Newton (Maurice Cass); and a young kid named Bobby (Robert Lyden) who Professor Newton took quite an interest in.

Winky was replaced by Biff (Jimmy Lydon) after the first 26 episodes since Scotty Beckett was serving time in jail for carrying a concealed weapon.

Secretary Drake (Charles Meredith) was head of the Office of Space Affairs and the Space Rangers. Drake was something of a father figure to Rocky and his crew, and he treated Rocky like a son.

Maurice Cass died of a heart attack on 8 June 1954 and Professor Newton was replaced by Professor Mayberry (Reginald Sheffield).

Although the sets and special effects look cheap and amateurish by modern standards, they were almost state of the art in 1954 – especially since the show was aimed at kids.

Rocky Jones
Richard Crane
Vena Ray
Sally Mansfield
Robert Lyden
Scotty Beckett
Professor Newton
Maurice Cass
Biffen “Biff” Cardoza
Jimmy Lydon
Professor Mayberry
Reginald Sheffield
Secretary Drake
Charles Meredith
Queen Cleolanta of Ophecius
Patsy Parsons
Queen Juliandra of Herculon
Ann Robinson