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Romper Room

1 9 5 3 – 1 9 9 4  (USA)
Various  (UK)
Various  (Australia)


Various versions of Romper Room were screened in the USA, UK (where it was known as *The* Romper Room) and Australia.

They all featured an appropriately motherly woman looked at the camera through her ‘Magic Mirror’ (basically a tennis racket minus stings) and speaking direct to camera (IE “you”).

Example; “I can see Sarah, and I can see Michael, I can see David and John, and I can see Sally and Sandra” etc, reeling off a list of any old names, as kiddies everywhere sat glued to the set hoping she’d mention their name.

Each version of the franchise also featured Mr Do-Bee and Mr-Don’t Bee

In the USA there were also different regional Romper Room productions around the country (eg: one from Buffalo and another one from the New York City area).


In Australia, ex-kindergarten teacher Patricia Bird (Miss Patricia) entertained about 10,000 children on Romper Room. She started as the host of the Australian version of the show in August 1963, first from Brisbane and then from Sydney.

She recorded six programmes each week, using the same children twice.

Helena Bailey (wife of ABC-TV weatherman Mike Bailey) took over as host from 1978 to 1987. Miss Helena encouraged a generation of young Australians in games like Bouncing Ball, Bend-and-Stretch, and Galloping Horses.

The British version of the franchise was produced by Anglia Television and hosted by Rosalyn Thompson.