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Rose and the Ring, The

1 9 5 3 (UK)
3 x 25 minute episodes

Two neighbouring countries – Paflagonia and Crim-Tartary – are visited by a fairy who lives somewhere between them.

Fairy Blackstick (Jacqueline Hill) presents a ring to the Queen of Paflagonia and a rose to the Queen of Crim-Tartary, but when both parties are rather off-hand and slow to thank her, she wishes misfortune on both of them.

The comedic results that ensued were played out more than adequately by a cast of established and up-and-coming actors in true pantomime style.

This three-part fairy story from the BBC aired between 24 November and 8 December 1953.

Fairy Blackstick
Jacqueline Hill
Mrs Gruffanuff
Joan Benham
Mr Gruffanuff
Kenneth Connor
King of Paflagonia
John Ruddock
Muriel George
David McCallum
Patrick Cargill
Norah Gorsen
HRH Prince Bulbo
Timothy Bateson
King Padella
Eugene Leahy
Captain Hedzoff
William Driver
Baron Sleibootz
Cecil Brock
Lord Spinachii
Wilfrid Brambell
Robert Algar
Peter Coke