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Roy Rogers Show, The

1 9 5 1 – 1 9 5 7 (USA)
100 x 26 minute episodes

The Roy Rogers Show was a modern Western for the kiddie crowd in which the “King of the Cowboys” (born Leonard Franklin Slye) played himself in a straight-arrow fight for truth and justice.

Other regulars at the Double R Ranch in Paradise Valley were Rogers’ wonder horse Trigger, his wife “Queen of the West” Dale Evans, her horse Buttermilk, bumbling pardner Pat Brady (who drove a cantankerous jeep called ‘Nellybelle’) and wonder dog Bullet.

Episodes frequently involved abandoned children, to whom Rogers and Evans then became paragon surrogate parents. This was, in fact, a prime case of art imitating life as Rogers and Evans were the parents in real life of five adopted children of assorted ethnic backgrounds, and received countless awards for their humanitarian work with juveniles.

Roy Rogers
Dale Evans
Pat Brady