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Sailor of Fortune

1 9 5 7 (UK/Canada)
26 x 25 minute episodes

Grant ‘Mitch’ Mitchell (Lorne Greene) is the captain of the American motor freighter the Shipwreck, based in the Mediterranean and operating frequently around North Africa.

The no-nonsense captain takes his cargo business very seriously and will not compromise his principles at any cost but often finds himself immersed in problems and intrigue.

His crew includes Sean, an Irish deckhand, and Alphonso, the Italian Ship’s Engineer.

The series was filmed at Elstree Studios and guests included Christopher Lee, Ivor Dean, Lois Maxwell, Paul Whitsun-Jones, Alan Gifford, Meredith Edwards, William Lucas and Sean Connery in an early bit-part.

Captain Grant ‘Mitch’ Mitchell
Lorne Greene
Jack McGowran
Rupert Davies (1)
Michael Balfour (2)