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Shadow Squad

1 9 5 7 – 1 9 5 9 (UK)
177 x 30 minute episodes

Shadow Squad starred Rex Garner as Vic Steele, a former Flying Squad officer turned private crime-buster.

Resigning from the Flying Squad so he could go after villains without being hampered by red tape, Steele formed an agency called ‘Shadow Squad’, in which his partner was Ginger Smart (George Moon), a stereotypical cheeky Cockney chappy.

Their charlady Mrs Moggs (Kathleen Boutall) provided comic-relief (“Can I do you now, sir?”) but also often noticed clues that escaped the attention of Steele and Smart.

After 13 adventures, production of Shadow Squad was moved from London to Granada’s studio in Manchester and Rex Garner left the series (it was explained that he was on a long-term assignment in Australia).

Steele was replaced by Don Carter (Peter Williams), a former Scotland Yard detective inspector. Carter proved to be more popular with viewers than the supercilious Steele had been.

For most of its run, the show aired twice weekly in the form of a two-part episode, with the first night’s instalment ending in a cliffhanger. Viewers had to watch both episodes in order to see a complete storyline.

Vic Steele
Rex Garner
Don Carter
Peter Williams
Ginger Smart
George Moon
Supt. Whitelaw
John Horsley
Mrs Moggs
Kathleen Boutall