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Sky Larks, The

1 9 5 8 (UK)
16 x 30 minute episodes

Set aboard the (fictional) aircraft carrier HMS Aerial, this BBC comedy featured the adventures and misadventures of a Royal Navy helicopter crew.

Lt. Gilmore, RN
Anton Rodgers
A SEI, A. Copper
Roland Curram
Radio Comms. Op (Air) N. Reynolds
John Southworth
Capt. Crocker-Dobson, DSO, RN
William Mervyn
Cmdr. Morris, DSC, RN
Frank Shelley
Lt. Stannard, RN
Robert Chetwyn
A Brimer
Malcolm Webster
A Hancocks
Lawrence James
Lt. Holt, RN
Philip Carr
Vice-Admiral Sir Godfrey Wiggin-Fanshawe, KBE, DSO, DSC, RN
A.E. Matthews


Joining Routine | Fire Down Below | Operation Nina | Touch of the Irish | Admiral’s Embarkation | Shore Leave | Honours Even | See Naples and Fly | Find the Lady | Open Day |Down in the Drink | Free Beer | Exercise Merry-Go-Round | Flag-Captain | Mink Afloat | Seven Days Hard