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So This Is Hollywood

1 9 5 5 (USA)
24 x 30 minute episodes

Queenie Dugan (Mitzi Green) and Kim Tracy (Virginia Gibson) share a room at the La Paloma Courts on Sweeter Street in Hollywood, California. Queenie is a stuntwoman, and Kim is an aspiring actress.

Queenie frequently works with her boyfriend, stuntman Hubie Dodd (Gordon Jones). They work for Imperial Artists Studios and earn $70 a stunt. Queenie often doubles for movie star April Adams (Peggy Knudsen).

Their main claim to fame is that Queenie once doubled for Jeanette MacDonald and Hubie once doubled for Nelson Eddy.

Kim acquires small roles in films. She got her big break when she was screen-tested for the role of the younger sister in the film Dark Rapture (the publicity department at Imperial Artists Studios changed her name to Dale Vale for the project, figuring it would look better on cinema marquees and in newspaper ads).

Andy Boone (Jimmy Lydon) is Kim’s agent, who owns the Boone Theatrical Agency. Mr Sneed (Raymond Hatton) is the girls’ landlord. T.J. Carmichael (Paul Harvey) is the head of Imperial Artists Studios and Oliver Hampton (Victor Moore) is the retired silent movie actor who lives next door to Kim and Queenie.

Stories follow Kim as she struggles to make a name for herself in Hollywood.

The series ran on NBC from 1 January 1955 to 19 August of the same year.

Queenie Dugan
Mitzi Green
Kim Tracy
Virginia Gibson
Hubie Dodd
Gordon Jones
Andy Boone
Jimmy Lydon
April Adams
Peggy Knudsen
Oliver Hampton
Victor Moore
T J Carmichael
Paul Harvey
Mr Sneed
Raymond Hatton